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Easy fading

I remember reading about this technique in one of Model Railroader magazine’s books: A quick and easy way to fade rolling stock is to follow a spray of Testors Dullcote with another spray of isopropyl alcohol, either 70 or 90 percent. When the alcohol dries, it leaves a faded, hazy look. If it’s too faded, spray with more Dullcote and the effect will go away.

Gluing tiny photoetched-metal parts
Tiny photoetched-metal parts are almost impossible to handle with tweezers. Too often, modelers simp...
Anchor antennas on airliners for better hold
Building airliners, I’ve found that simply attaching antennas with super glue never lasts long...
Use brass rod to make a sturdier tail skid
While inspecting the parts for a Wingnut Wings 1/32 scale DH.2, I could see that the tail skid would...
Use endodontic drills for your plastic and wooden models
To drill tiny holes requiring a micro bit, ask your dentist for the finger-held drills/needles they ...
Use a pencil to help mask clear parts
When masking canopies, the framing is not always clear. To overcome this, I use a mechanical pencil,...
Cigarettes for scale figures
There are numerous modeling applications for a used toothbrush. Here’s another one, for 1/35 s...
Painting metallic flake
When airbrushing metallic colors, it’s important to remember to paint the part the way it is g...
Dowel eraser for ejector-pin marks
If you need to remove ejector-pin marks in hard-to-reach places, use double-sided tape to attach san...
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