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Wear black at the workbench

At my workbench, I wear dark trousers, a black T-shirt, and a black apron that covers my lap. That way, if I drop a part (and believe me, I will), I can find it more easily.

Mini clothespins as a cheap alternative to clamps
A while back, I was having my car’s oil changed at Wal-Mart and was wandering around the store...
Chromate yellow paint from a spray can
If you’re looking for a spray-can equivalent to zinc chromate yellow, try Liquitex cadmium yel...
Glue and putty to fill a seam
When I’m gluing two pieces together and I don’t want the seam to show, I put a layer of ...
Use camouflage colors in a diorama scene
To make a camouflaged vehicle look at home in a diorama, try using the same camouflage colors in the...
Cut up credit cards for modeling projects
You can use old or junk-mail plastic credit cards as spatulas for spreading fillers and putty. They ...
Score and cut tubing accurately
When using a single-edge razor blade to score and cut brass tubing, I do the work on a piece of 600-...
Use white metal as a cockpit floor
When a 1/72 scale airplane needs extra weight to stay on its nose wheel — and there’s no...
Protect your decals
After years of building kits, we all end up with stacks of unused decals. I have found that a semiri...
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