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March 2010
72 scale supermarine spitfire pr.XIX box

As Airfix continues to recover from its 2006 bankruptcy, it is introducing a line of new 1/72 scale aircraft, including this Griffon-engined photo-reconnaisance Spitfire.

By Tom Foti
Published: December 18, 2009
48 box 1
Trumpeter has followed its big 1/32 F-100 with some smaller “Huns” in 1/48 and 1/72 scales. The first variant issued in these popular scales is the fighter-bomber F-100C. Trumpeter recognized the key differences between the C model and the more numerous D version – a different wing without landing flaps, and a different fin. This review covers both kits, which are nearly identical (except for size). Differences are in the level of surface detail, a few additional small parts in the 1/48 scale kit, and the decals. Paul Boyer built the 1/72 scale Hun; Jon Hergenrother built the 1/48 scale kit.
By Jon Hergenrother, Paul Boyer
Published: December 18, 2009
35 scale bm-13-1 6n katyusha box
ICM has released a BM-13-16N Multi-ple Launch Rocket System vehicle, nicknamed Katyusha, based on its 1/35 scale Studebaker 6 x 6 cargo truck.
By John Plzak
Published: December 18, 2009
32 supermarine spitfire box
There have been many kits of Supermarine’s iconic fighter, but few with as much detail and neat engineering as offered in Tamiya’s new 1/32 scale model.
By Jim Zeske
Published: December 18, 2009
144 scale e-3 sentry awacs box

Just as Boeing modified the 707 airliner to create the E-3 Sentry for the U.S. Air Force, Minicraft added parts to its long-standing 707 kit to model the AWACS airframe.

By Chuck Davis
Published: December 18, 2009
72 scale bristol brigand box

The Brigand replaced the Beaufighter as the Royal Air Force’s ground attack aircraft. The type served during the Malayan Emergency before being replaced by the Canberra.

By Walt Fink
Published: December 18, 2009
35 scaleT-62 Mod. 1962 box

The T-62 started life as an up-gunned version of the Soviet Union’s T-55. The newer tank’s 115mm main gun was the first smooth-bore cannon mounted on any tank.

By Aaron Skinner
Published: December 18, 2009
72 scale Type XXVIIB Seehund box

At less than 7" long, ICM’s Type XXVIIB U-boat isn’t as big as Revell’s 1/72 Type VII or Gato-class submarines, but it still makes a grand model – and takes up a lot less shelf room, too!

By Charlie Scardon
Published: December 18, 2009
72 scale supermarine scimitar f.1 box

Build Navy! Xtrakit’s 1/72 scale Scimitar fills a hole in many Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm collections. Supermarine’s tidy, single-seat jet fighter served from 1958 to 1969.

By Phil Pignataro
Published: December 18, 2009

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