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Welcome to our new forums

Welcome to the new FineScale.com. We have made some changes to help bring you the best resource for modeling how to, information and product news. One of the changes we are happy to bring you is a brand new forum.

To help you jump right into the discussion, here are a few tips to finding your way around.


Getting Started

Returning forum users: It’s as simple as signing on from the log in box to the right of every page.

New users: Click the “Join Now” button below the log in area and follow the prompts to get started. 

[Don’t forget to create your screen name. You can’t participate in the forum without it.]


Once you're logged in, you can access the forum by simply clicking on the “Forum” item under the “Forum & Community” tab in the main navigation bar at the top of every page.

In the forum you will see a list of available forum topics. (Don’t worry -- all your favorites are still there.) Simply click on your area of interest to see what people are discussing.

If you’re looking for the latest, just scroll down on the page to see a list of currently active forum topics that you can participate in. Just click the topic you would like to discuss to jump into the conversation.



Forum Organization:

The forum is divided into separate discussion topics. Under each topic you will find a series of discussion threads.The individual thread title appears in the left column followed by the latest post and author.

To participate or read the thread, simply click on the thread title.

When you enter a thread topic, a series of individual topic Posts will appear.
To begin a new post, click on the "Write a New Post" button at the top of the forum.

If you enter a post and wish to reply, you may do so by clicking the "Reply" button on the individual post box.




Creating Your Post:

The forum now has a friendly interface for creating your posts. When you create or respond to a post, use the built-in text editor to style and format your message.

At the top of every post you will find tools for Bolding, Italicizing, Underlining, adding links, and Emoticons (a.k.a. Smilies).


The profile box

Contacting Other Members:

We have made some changes to contacting members in our forums.  What used to be referred to as “private messages” are now called “conversations.”

Conversations are different from private messages in that they will offer you the option to send a message and receive replies from one or multiple members.

To start a conversation with another member, you can either visit your profile page by clicking “Profile” from the box to the right of every page. Or you can visit a member's profile by clicking on their screen name, which appears at the top left of every forum post.

Once on their profile, simply click “Start a Conversation”.

Note: You can only begin conversations from either your personal profile or the profile of the individual you wish to converse with.

Starting a conversation from the profile page.


Thank you. If you are interested in learning more about the forums, you can review the Forum Help at the top of every forum page.

Also please read our Terms of Use before beginning.

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