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Unwanted CD cases are a workbench hit
I keep a few discarded jewel cases (plastic containers for CDs and DVDs) on my workbench for a bunch of uses. After taking them apart – most of the time the hinges are broken anyway – I use the backs as trays for liquid glue, super glue, putty, and paint. They are also useful for holding small parts until I’m ready to glue them into position. I use the clear front half to hold decals while they are wet. These simple trays keep my workbench organized and clean. When I’m done, I simply toss the trays in the trash. They were headed that way to begin with – they just took a useful detour getting there.
Submitted by: Steve Wellman
                     Ellenton, Florida

Masking with PVC tape

Ordinary masking tape is difficult to bend around corners, so I use PVC electrical tape. It’s a lot easier to make it conform to difficult shapes. Plus, it’s cheap!
Submitted by: Kairasp Daruwala
                     North Brunswick, New Jersey

Shave and a clean model

Getting rid of dust on models without damaging delicate detail can be difficult. Try a shaving brush – yes, the thing you use to give your mug a hot lather before the blade! After the brush has been used for a bit, the bristles get nice and soft and they flow through very tiny parts without breaking them. The only thing they catch is the dust! Of course, you still have to be gentle, but the dust will go, not the details you have worked so hard to capture. One word of warning: Never be tempted to use it wet – only nice and dry.
Submitted by: Stephen Cave
                     East Barre, Vermont

Scanning instructions
I like to keep my instruction sheets pristine, so I scan them into a computer. I can isolate certain steps, allowing me to concentrate on a given area without distraction. I can also print out lightened pages, so I can make notes that stand out over the instructions.
Submitted by: Charles Fox
                     Santa Monica, California

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