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Stretching cotton swabs for tubing

If you use cotton swabs that have plastic shafts, carefully melting and stretching them (like sprue) will provide you with lengths of narrower tubing that you can use for rigging, antennas, pitot tubes, engines, etc. 

A stand for needle files
I made a handy stand for my needle files using the plastic spacers that come in boxes of CCI .22-cal...
Easy-to-reference paint labels
I place peel-off labels on the lids of the paint jars I’m using for the model I’m workin...
Keep a model log book
Since 1996, I have kept a logbook for every model I build. I record the kit manufacturer and kit num...
Make flexible cables
Small-diameter electronic shrink tubing works well for flexible cables and is readily available in s...
Post-it Full Adhesive Roll for masking
Modelers, rejoice! 3M has listened to us. Now, instead of using up your valuable Post-it notes to ea...
Protect your cutting mat from super glue
To save my self-healing cutting mat from blobs of super glue, cement, and paint, I tape a piece of w...
Use a feeler gauge to measure a gap
Like many modelers, I use strip styrene to fill large gaps. However, I find it awkward to test-fit v...
Organize model sprues
To keep my workbench less cluttered and make finding parts easier, I use a desktop file organizer. T...
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