February 2000

FineScale Modeler magazine is the essential tool for modelers of all skill levels.  Learn how to create models of aircraft, armor, ships, cars and more.  Every issue provides clear, well-instructed articles that show how to assemble the latest model kits and how to master painting and finishing techniques.

Kit reviews, new kit and product announcements, tips from experts, and a gallery of readers' models make every issue packed with value.
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Spectacular space shuttle
Revell's 1/72 scale Columbia is the centerpiece of Simon Atkinson's amazing scratchbuilt launch platform.
Getting rusty?
By Anders Isaksson
Weathering techniques for realistic results on this 1970 Chevelle.
Carve yourself a plane
By Bob Santos
Build a kitless subject-the Lindberghs' Lockheed Sirius 8 - using a new material.
USAAF Mosquito kitbash
By Steve Richards
Combine parts from three kits to build this accurate 1/48 Mosquito P.R.Mk.XVI.
Int'l. Color & Camouflage: Belgian Air Force Mirage
By Alexandros Anestis
Pre-1980s scheme.
Figure How-To: Scratchbuilt swords
By Lawrence Fiske
Building better blades from wire and epoxy.
Solving a problem kit
By Joe Morgan
Fix this troubled T-44.
Stick to it
By Christopher Appoldt
Using super glue.
Kit Classics No. 48: Revell constant scale kits
By Paul Boyer
Goodbye, box scale!
Editor's Page
A letter from FSM's Editor, Terry Thompson.
Scale Talk
Letters from modelers around the world.
News & Products
News stories and the latest products to help you enjoy your hobby.
Reader Tips
Tips for enjoying your hobby, from your fellow readers.
Reader Gallery
Photos of models of all types, submitted by their builders.
Workbench Reviews
FSM's unmatched reviews of the latest kits, every one built by a modeler.
Questions & Answers
Have a question? FSM is here to help.
Sweepstakes Information
Letters from modelers around the world.
Coming Events
The who, when, and where of modeling events.
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Hobby Shop Directory
Index of Advertisers
History You Can Model
Short stories about subjects you can build.
Brown water Navy
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