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November 2014

FineScale Modeler magazine is the essential tool for modelers of all skill levels.  Learn how to create models of aircraft, armor, ships, cars and more.  Every issue provides clear, well-instructed articles that show how to assemble the latest model kits and how to master painting and finishing techniques.

Kit reviews, new kit and product announcements, tips from experts, and a gallery of readers' models make every issue packed with value.
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Airbrushing & Finishing: 10 tips for getting a better natural-metal finish
By John Adelmann
When a project calls for a natural-metal finish, some modelers cringe. No need! After years of experimentation John Adelmann shows you how to use Alclad II and Pledge FloorCare Multi-Surface Finish to get the job done.
Pg. 20
Realistic rust
By Mike Brignola
After reading an article by Pat Covert in the November 1996 FSM, Mike has been on a quest to re-create realistic rust on a scale model. Here's what he's come up with so far!
Pg. 27
FSM Basics: When gray is more than gray
By Paul Kinney
While modeling Hasegawa's 1/48 scale F-22, Paul realized the gray scheme was actually subtly metallic. He walks you through the steps he used to finish his Raptor with its claws extended.
Pg. 30 
Weathing for a well-worn Spitfire
By Raul Corral
Raul loves to build Spitfires. On his latest model from Eduard, he pulls out all the stops and builds the Polish-flown Why not?, finishing with pre- and post-shading, hardline camouflage, washes, paint chipping, pencils, and more.
Pg. 36
Top off a T-64 with paints, filters, pigments, and washes
By Federico Collada
The title says it all! Federico finishes a Trumpeter 1/35 scale T-64 with acrylic, artists' oil, and enamel paints to give it that in-the-field appearance.
Pg. 42
Figure Gallery: FSM Forum Heroes & Villains Group Build
Compiled by Tim Kidwell and Aaron Skinner
From October 2013 until March 2014, Tim and Aaron hosted the FineScale Modeler Heroes & Villains Group Build on the FSM Forum. Participants built a wide range of characters, from Han Solo and Darth Vader, to Judge Dredd and and Iron Man.
Pg. 46
Final Details: What inspires your modeling?
Compiled by Mark Hembree
We asked our readers what film, TV show, book, play , or work of art most memorably inspired their choices in modeling subjects. Here's what they told us.
Pg. 66
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