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AFV Club 1/35 scale Nashorn

Armed with an 88mm gun, the Nashorn, German for rhinoceros, was an effective tank destroyer that served  from 1942 until war’s end.

By Michael Scharf
Published: October 5, 2010
AFV Club’s Nashorn kit is its first based on the PzKpfw IV suspension. The sprues are molded in a dark yellow styrene; vision blocks, scopes, and gunsights are molded in clear styrene. There is a small amount of flash, usually on the smaller parts, and a few mold seams and ejector-pin marks that need to be removed. AFV Club has captured all of the detail, down to the smallest part, so be prepared to spend a lot of time on your hands and knees looking for parts that jump off your tweezers. Many of the parts are attached to the sprue from the bottom. As I removed each part, I sanded the remaining nub down to the part to help prevent damage. Also included is a metal gun barrel, photoetched-metal fret, springs for the travel lock, vinyl springs for the gun, nylon string for the tow cable, and wire. AFV Club has added its 88mm ammo set to fill the ammo lockers. A color poster of the box art is also included.
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