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Syringes for measuring paint

Syringes are ideal for measuring paints. I keep two styles. One has a straight tip and is often referred to as a catheter-feeding syringe. The other has a curved tip and is used for irrigating tooth extractions. Available from several sources — Amazon, for one, or medical supply stores — they range in size from 15-60cc and are graduated in 1cc increments, and often with ½-ounce markings as well. 

Make a base from the lid of a cookie tin
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Rotating model jig
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Carpet and linoleum bases
I’m a scenic designer for Chicago theatre, and sometimes I need carpet or linoleum samples to ...
Removing Blu-Tack residue
If you use Blu-Tack for masking soft-edge camouflage patterns, sometimes it leaves a greasy looking ...
Use a resin pour plug to help paint your figures
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Chair mats help you stop losing parts
Having lost countless tiny parts to the dreaded carpet monster, I finally figured out an answer when...
Preparing photoetched metal for paint
Photoetched metal can be a painting problem. But if you dip it in brass-blackening solution for a mo...
Antenna wire and control cables from a flashlight
I found a great source for antenna wire and control cables. You know those “shake and shine&rd...
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