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To improve the accuracy of a piece.
acrylic paint
Paint where the pigment is suspended in acrylic polymer emulsion. Can be thinned with water; often referred to as “water-based.”

Items sold separately to replace or augment what’s included in a standard kit. These can include decals, detail parts, weapons, etc.


Armored fighting vehicle

A miniature spray gun used to apply paint.
Alclad II
Applied with an airbrush, this lacquer simulates natural metal.
The Armor Modeling and Preservation Society.

Armored Personnel Carrier.

applique armor

Additional armor plates bolted onto an AFV to improve protection.

artist's oil

Fine-art paint. Slow drying and easily blended, it’s often used for figure painting and washes.

Enterprising builds

Enterprising builds

Build the USS Enterprise.
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